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Since 1989, Acoustical Solutions, Inc. has led the industry in product selection, quality and experience. To celebrate 20 years of serving the soundproofing and noise control community, Acoustical Solutions, Inc. introduced The Ultimate Guarantee, our commitment to you, our customers, that we will provide the best solutions, at the best prices with the best service in the industry!
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Introduction about Acoustical Solutions
TTPL Projects and TTPL Group has been in collaboration with Acoustical Solutions (USA) since 2012 for the acquisition of wide range of acoustical products.
Acoustical Solutions (USA) provides a wide range of acoustical products ranging from ceilings, blankets, booths, foam, wall panels, doors, windows, etc.
We provide complete turn-key solution for all Acoustical Solutions (USA) products and are their dealer/distributor for all India.
Broadcast & Recording Commercial & Corporate Government & Municipal Industrial & Manufacturing Outdoor Noise Control
Public Facilites Restaurants, Bars, & Clubs Residential Spaces Schools & Universities Worship Facilities
Acoustical Images Acoustical Blankets HVAC Noise Control Products Audiometric Booths Acoustical Foam
Acoustical Wall Panels Baffles & Banners Recording & Vocal Booths Ceiling Tiles and Clouds Diffusers & Bass Traps
Doors, Door Seals & Windows Drum Shields Fabrics Enclosures Exterior Wall & Fence Systems
Floor Underlayments Warehouse Clearance Installation Hardware Isolation Products Products for LEED® Projects
Sound Damping Sound Masking Specialty Products Vinyl Sound Barriers Sealants & Firestop Products
Construction Noise Residential & Environmental Outdoor Noise Transformer & Electrical Substation Noise Natural Gas Compressor Stations Outdoor Generators
Industrial & Manufacturing Noise Transportation Noise Services Outdoor Sound Blankets  
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