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Saint-Gobain Gyproc India Ltd. is part of the Saint-Gobain Group and a market leader in the construction space in India for well over two decades. Saint-Gobain Gyproc India Ltd. has been a pioneer in introducing light weight interior construction practices in the Indian construction industry and is foremost in the minds of customers when they think of ceiling, drywall partition and gypsum plaster.
Gypsum Products
Gyproc® gypsum plasterboards are the ultimate wall and ceiling solution for today's buildings, providing high levels of performance in terms of fire rating, acoustic insulation, thermal insulation and moisture resistance to create modern internal environments that offer comfort and safety for occupants. They offer superior solutions for walls, ceilings,wall linings, lift shafts, stairwells and corridors in buildings as diverse as residential, schools, hospitals, offices, cinemas and hotels. Gyproc® is the brand of specialist high performance boards with special boards for applications like fire, acoustics, moisture, impact and thermal resistance.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc also has non gypsum boards under a special board portfolio. These products are designed for specific applications like extra strength, moisture resistance and fire ratings.

While designing a space which is both; aesthetically superior as well as acoustically high, architects face lot of constraints due to product limitations. To aid your designs and suggestions, we have a very innovative product known as Gyptone Big Board.
The product attributes are such that it gives a very unique & rare combination of A - A - D.
A = Aesthetics (3 design possibilities)
A = Acoustics (alpha p values very good and stable)
D = Durability (durability of Gypsum unlike soft felt or wet felt options which are brittle comparatively)

The comprehensive ceiling panels range includes the Casoprano range of aesthetic gypsum tiles, Gyprex range of functional performance gypsum tiles, Gyptone range of acoustic gypsum tiles and Gyptone range of big boards. Besides their aesthetic appeal, ceiling tiles help cover parts of the installed structure and services which also have sound, acoustic insulation properties to help improve the overall comfort and thus enhance productivity.

This range of mineral fibre acoustic tiles has the twin advantages of excellent aesthetics with good sound absorption properties.
The special features of the mineral fibre range include excellent sound absorption, special anti-sag property, superior moisture resistance, better fire resistance, good light reflectance and better relative humidity properties when compared with conventional mineral fibre tiles. This range is ideal for certain applications like IT office, showroom and shopping malls.
The Ecophon range consists of various system and families of acoustic products. Acoustics play a very important part in creating a pleasant environment for the inhabitants. There are a number of systems which fulfill different demands in this aspect with regards to performance characteristics, edge designs, sizes and surfaces.
Each system has its own specific features and has been developed to be ideal for particular areas, although they may also be suitable in other situations.
Good aesthetics, physical stability to vibrations and acoustics combined with ease of maintenance and longer life have made metal ceilings are increasingly recommended and used in building spaces across the world.
Thanks to its unique properties, you will see them across airport terminals, metro stations, hospitals, pharma units and shopping malls.
The steel is driven between two mating rolls to create a dimpled surface & ribbing effect across the surface.
Gypsteel ULTRA is manufactured under license by Saint-Gobain Gyproc India Ltd. using the Ultrasteel process and is protected by UK and International Patents granted and pending together with design registration. Ultrasteel is a trademark of Hadley Industries Overseas Holdings Limited.
Gypsum board Jointing and Finishing is an inevitable and imperative stage for the creation of aesthetically stunning and functionally sound gypsum ceilings and partitions. Jointing and Finishing is the process which transforms gypsum panels into smooth, structurally sound walls and ceilings and eventually determines their final aesthetics.
At Saint-Gobain Gyproc India we offer an array of products as a part of the Jointing and Finishing solutions range which includes Setting Powder Jointing material, Air-Drying Powder Jointing Material and Wet Ready Mix Jointing Material along with the joint-reinforcing tapes.
Selecting the right material and methodology to finish internal wall surfaces is the key towards achieving the best desired finish and performance. Saint-Gobain Gyproc gives you such a choice. The options available for internal plastering are: a) Conventional sand cement plaster b) POP c) Gypsum Plaster
Putty (finishing plaster) is applied on the wall surface in an interior space to smoothen it prior to application of paint. This is done for all wall surfaces, i.e., brick-sand-cement or plaster boards.
Traditional putty cannot remove undulations in the surface in excess of 1 mm, which becomes a product limitation. In addition, inappropriate mixing of enamel-water in plasters can result in flaking of the painted surface.
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